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Shelly's Nourish delivers a one, two moisturizer and oil punch to dry, damaged, manipulated, breaking hair. Though the products were designed as a moisturizer and oil treatment for relaxed hair, we have many customers with natural hair who can't do without it! It's nourishing ingredients, light texture and light scent makes it great for men's beards and hair, too. Here's what our real-life customers have to say:


"Shelly's Nourish gives my hair spectacular shine and strength. I have very thick hair; many hair oil products are too heavy and do not penetrate my hair follicles. Shelly's Nourish does what it says. The natural ingredients are light and nourishing, while keeping my hair full of bounce and body.

'Your hair looks nice' are words I hear when Shelly's Nourish is in my hair. After a bout with shedding, dryness and persistent dullness, Shelly's Balm brought my hair back to life! It restored the vibrancy and vitality of my hair while giving it a stunning sheen.

It's a must try product that will garner many compliments on the health of your hair." Terees W.


"Never have I used a hair product where a true before and after is so readily apparent to me and those who see me. I began using Shelly's Balm out of curiosity. The proof is in the pudding as our grandmothers would say. Well, I have proof! My hair has grown inches and the body has improved.  When I apply the balm, it is light and creates a gloss without being heavy. My only regret is that I didn't try it sooner! After my hair responded so well to the balm, I took time to look more carefully at the

Shelly's Nourish website. There is so much good information about hair care. Shelly Faison truly approaches hair care holistically, with the intent to improve, maintain, beautify, strengthen, and essentially nourish our hair.

Lynne K.

"I love Shelly's Nourish Conditioning Hair Balm. It's lightweight and doesn't weigh my hair down. I have used Shelly's Nourish for many years on my long hair and love the beautiful, natural shine and healthy infusion of rich oils. Shelly's balm is great for protecting your hair before blow drying. You will only need a small amount: a little rubbed in the palm of your hand and spread over your hair goes a long way."

Sandra B.

"Your hair care products are amazing!! I have never been able to keep my hair moisturized like this. My hair is shiny and silky like never before. I'm a customer for life!"

Michelle S.

Shayla Tropical Filter

Here's what former Ebony Fashion Fair legend and commentator Shayla Simpson has to say about Shelly's Hair Drink:

"It's important to me to nourish my hair just as I do my body. Daily Hair Drink is a cool, whipped moisturizer, as light as souffle, that leaves my hair manageable, supple and shiny without weighing it down.  A regimen of Shelly's Nourish is indulgent...yet a guiltless pleasure for my hair. It's my personal favorite."

Shayla Simpson


"After brushing a small amount of Shelly's Nourish Hair Balm on my hair, it feels manageable and SO smooth. It feels "nourished", and there is a lasting shine that gets me ready for another beautiful day! I've been looking for a nutrient enriched product that adds moisture and shine to my dry hair. It WORKS! Thanks, Shelly!"

Marilyn S.

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Kaitlyn D.

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