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Don't Forget to Read Those Labels

When I first started thinking about forming my own brand, I spent hours in beauty supply stores reading the labels. At a glance, a hair care product label can tell you whether or not it is a quality product that will benefit your hair. Many hair products use a high percentage of oils such as mineral oil, soybean oil and corn oil, and petrolatum. Why? Because these inexpensive oils increase their profit margins. While low quality oils won't harm your hair, they do nothing to improve hair health. This is because most cheap oils simply sit on your hair without penetrating the hair shaft.

You want to see Coconut, Olive, and Avocado oils high on the list of ingredients. These are the three oils that do the best job of penetrating your hair shaft and really making a difference in the health of your hair. Also look for Safflower, Argan and Camella oils. You won't often see these oils high on the list of ingredients because they are more costly than the low-grade oils. Read those labels!


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