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Good old S Curl Spray

If you're anything like me, you have spent countless hours and tons of money searching for the perfect daily hair moisturizer. I frequently run up against two challenges: finding a product that is not overly scented and finding a product with beneficial ingredients at a reasonable price. For some reason, ethnic hair care companies have determined that all of their customers want hair that smells like either a fruit salad, an artificially flavored coconut cream pie or a vanilla cookie. No thanks! I don't want my hair products to clash with my favorite perfume. My suggestion to them would be to consider unscented or very lightly scented versions of their products.

I rediscovered Luster's S Curl a few years ago. Applied lightly and sealed with my oil, S curl will hydrate natural hair without heavy perfume or weighing it down. The main ingredients are water, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol (a very effective moisturizer), Argan oil and olive oil. What's more, the price is right, $4.99 for a 12 OZ bottle at my local beauty supply store.

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