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Protective Styling Doesn't Mean Hiding Your Hair!

I like to protect my hair from day to day stress by keeping it bound and together in one "piece". This keeps my hair moisturized and tangle free. I don't like for my hair to touch my face, but I also like the look of longer hair. I compromise by wearing it in a sleek, double or triple banded pony most of the time. This style looks polished enough for my rather creative lifestyle. It also requires a minimum of fuss during the day. It can go from day to night by substituting sparkly scrunchies. I use cloth covered scrunchies and make sure not to pull my hair back too tightly. I know, I know. Some will tell you that scrunchies and banana clips are "out." And soooo what??? Protecting our hair is the main goal, and cloth covered elastics are a great way to do this if you want to wear your hair down and protect it at the same time. This look will work best on hair that is at least APL (armpit length). For shorter, unbraided hair, I highly recommend a French roll, French braid or chignon for a classic protective style.

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