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Keeping Our Hair Healthy As We Age

Most of us have to deal with graying. Of course, whether to color treat your hair or remain gloriously gray at this stage, you want to keep those locks healthy! I choose to color my hair with a gentle, no ammonia formula that is popular in Japan. I ALWAYS do a patch test before each application to make sure that I have not developed an allergy to the formula. Because I color my hair, I take extra special care to fortify my hair with good nutrition, supplements, including a hair, skin and nails formula, weekly deep conditioning, gentle handling, daily moisturizing and sealing with Shelly's Nourish. Serious heat protection and low or no heat styling is a must.

I'm more, ahem, mature now and though I LOVE very long hair, I did a semi big chop of 3 1/2 inches about 8 months ago to help even out my ends. My current length is more suitable for me at this point in my life.

Hair can naturally get thinner as we age. The rate of growth may slow down a little. The hair shaft becomes smaller and hair becomes finer. Some follicles can stop producing new hair. Pattern baldness affects both men and women, though women are more prone to general thinning or thinning at the top of the scalp.

Other life events such as surgery with anesthesia, illness, and trauma can temporarily cause hair loss. In these cases, normal growth usually returns after a few months. In spite of these hair challenges, often it IS possible to increase the thickness, volume and length of our hair. It takes dedication, patience, knowledge, and the right tools and products.

Invest in a wide tooth seamless comb and a 100% boar bristle brush. This will help you keep your hair on your head and not in your brush. in fact, brushes are optional. I rarely brush my hair from root to ends. I normally use a brush just to smooth my hair when it's dry.

Use a deep conditioner followed by a leave in conditioner each and every time you shampoo. Another great product is a Denman brush. This is the only brush that I occasionally use to gently detangle wet, conditioner soaked hair. It has stiff, smooth plastic bristles in a flexible rubber base. You can find it most beauty supply chains. Never use rubber bands to hold hair. Do not wear you hair in styles that put stress on your hairline. Use cloth covered elastics and plastic or resin barrettes without metal clasps that can break off your hair.

Massage your scalp with a small amount of Shelly's Nourish for a few minutes daily. The ingredients will aid circulation to your scalp to stimulate your follicles and encourage growth.

Contact your health care provider if you experience sudden, dramatic hair loss, as this can be a symptom of an underlying health issue. While there is no miracle cure for hair loss and thinning as we age, we can gently care for our hair and scalp and maintain optimal hair health. We can also often stimulate growth, and we can certainly protect the hair that we have. Let's nourish and take care of whatever hair that we are blessed to have on our heads!

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