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Why Shelly's Nourish Is Different

All hair care oils are not created equal.  I have created a product made of oils that are proven to penetrate the hair shaft.  I was tired of ineffective, heavily scented hair products that contained mostly  petrolatum, lanolin, silicone, mineral oil, corn oil, or other  low cost, ineffective vegetable oils. These oils weigh hair down and just coat it. I sought out ingredients that would make my hair stronger, softer, glossier and less prone to breakage. For me, this has resulted in longer, thicker and healthier hair. It didn't happen overnight, but with steady use, you too can see an improvement in the strength and length of your hair. Plus, Shelly's works for both men AND women.


I have included the finest ingredients from all over the world for Shelly's Nourish Hair Drink and Hair Balm. I want everybody to have hair that is the healthiest and longest it can be!

Shelly's Nourish products work for men and women with , as a daily moisturizer, oil treatment, length retention aid, and as a hair and beard grooming aid for men. It is perfect for all Afro-textured hair.


Shelly's contains a proprietary blend of natural oils and humectants proven to penetrate the hair shaft and designed to keep your hair hydrated 24/7. Goodbye dry and breaking hair!


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