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How to use Shelly's Nourish

helly's Nourish Hair Balm and Hair Drink can be used in many ways. The two products are specifically designed to work together to add maximum hydration, suppleness and strength to your hair. The light, herbal scent makes the two products suitable for both men and women.Shelly's Nourish was initially created as a moisturizer and growth oil for relaxed hair, heat treated, dry or damaged hair, but it didn't take long for me to discover that Naturalistas love it too!

Experiment to find which way works best for you. It's the perfect daily moisturizer and oil treatment for Afro-textured hair. Perfect for damaged, dry, broken, relaxed and chemically treated hair.

All hair textures benefit from oil treatments. For naturally straight or very fine hair, I recommend using Shelly's Balm as an overnight pre- shampoo treatment. 

Try the following tips:

Use Shelly's Nourish as a daily hair treatment. Depending on the length and texture of your hair, rub a dime to quarter sized amount of Shelly's Nourish Hair Drink in your palms and work through your dry hair. Follow with my Hair Balm. 
It will prevent breakage and add crazy softness, moisture and shine.  Use once or twice daily.  

Shelly's Hair Balm and Shelly's Hair Drink are great for men, too. Use them both together daily to condition and moisturize your hair and beard.

Try Shelly's Nourish as a pre-shampoo conditioner. Work a generous amount through your hair the night before or morning of your shampoo. To protect your pillow, cover your hair with a scarf, sleep or shower cap. Shampoo, condition, dry and style hair as usual. Finish by smoothing a small amount of Shelly's Nourish Hair Drink through your hair, followed by Shelly's Hair Balm.
Use Shelly's Nourish Hair Balm as a warm oil treatment. Warm a few tablespoons to a comfortable (not hot) temperature in the microwave. Saturate your hair and cover your head with a shower cap. Leave the balm in for 20 minutes to 1/2 hour. You can deepen the conditioning by sitting under a warm dryer. Shampoo, condition and style as usual. Finish with a small amount of my Hair Drink and Hair Balm to smooth and soften your hair.
Try it as a post shampoo leave in conditioner in damp hair. After shampooing, conditioning and detangling your hair, work a dime to quarter sized amount of Balm through your damp hair. Use more for very long or thick hair. Dry and style as usual. If you blow dry your hair, try my balm in addition to your favorite heat protector. My Balm will help smooth your hair, provide protection from protein loss, and add shine.
Massage your scalp nightly with a small amount of Shelly's Nourish Hair Balm. Doing this nightly will optimize scalp health and hair growth. Plus, you'll sleep better!
Shelly's Nourish may soften in very warm weather or if the ambient room temperature is very high. This will not affect the quality in any way. 

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