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Growing long, healthy African American Hair with the help of a Black Owned Business
Q: Are Shelly's Nourish Products tested on animals?

A: No.Shelly's is 100% cruelty free. None of our products are ever tested on animals

Q: Are Shelly's Nourish products free of harmful ingredients?

A: Yes. Shelly's Nourish products are free of parabens, silicones, petrolatum, phthalates, formaldehyde, mineral oil, and all of those long impossible to pronounce chemicals frequently found in hair care products. Hair and skin respond differently to products, and we encourage our customers to do a patch test before using any new hair care product. Discontinue use of Shelly's products if any sign of irritation occurs. Always consult the label to confirm that you do not have a sensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Q: Will Shelly's Nourish make my hair grow long?

A: With regular use, Shelly's products will strengthen and hydrate your hair. Strong, properly oiled and moisturized hair doesn't break easily. This can help you grow your hair to lengths you would never believe! Unlike most products on the market today, Shelly's is made almost entirely of top quality oils that are proven to penetrate, soften and strengthen hair. These top ingredients add healthy fatty acids, lipids and ceramides that prevent protein loss and increase hydration levels.

Q: Can men use Shelly's Nourish?

A: Yes! Shelly's light formula, pleasant, herbal scent and sleek packaging make it a perfect hair and beard daily conditioning and grooming aid for men.
Q: What are my shipping options?

A: At this time, Shelly's Nourish ships to the contiguous United States only. We ship via USPS First Class Mail, USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail, and USPS First Class Mail via Sendle.

Q: What is the expiration date of Shelly's Nourish Products?

A: Both Shelly's Nourish Drink and Balm have an expiration date of 12 months from the date of purchase.

Q: Does Shelly's Nourish work on natural and straight hair?

A: ABSOLUTELY! The ingredients in Shelly's Nourish will improve the suppleness, softness elasticity of all hair textures. Chemically treated hair needs special help because the protein bonds tend to weaken when hair has been manipulated. Shelly's was designed to to penetrate each strand of hair to add softness, strength and shine. for further information, please consult "How To Use Shelly's Nourish."

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