About Shelly

Hi, I'm Shelly Faison, creator and owner of Shelly's Nourish. I'm a former model and all around creator. Shelly's Nourish consists of two powerhouse products, Hair Drink, a creamy moisturizer, and Hair Balm, a light as air, oil based balm. These two products work together to provide your hair with optimum hydration. properly hydrated hair doesn't break easily and can grow long.

I came up with myown formula because I couldn't find a product containing high quality ingredients that penetrate and strengthen the hair shaft from the inside out. The photos on the lower right show my journey from thin, broken, badly damaged hair to longer, healthier hair. Bad selfies never lie!

Friends and family began to ask me to make Shelly's Nourish for them, and the word spread. Let me help you on your journey to healthier hair. We're all in this together.

I would describe my hair type as 3C. My hair is currently texlaxed. I apply a gentle relaxer 3 times a year.

B. Smith was a truly incandescent woman-

The legendary Barbara "B" Smith, with me in LA. We were both former Ebony Fashion Fair